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Long aluminum rod heating furnace

Hebei FOREVER mechanical and Electrical Manufacturing Co., Ltd. is specialized in the research and development, design, process, application, manufacturing and sales of Medium Frequency Induction Heating Equipment. It has rich experience and practical cases in the long aluminum rod heating furnace. According to your manufacturing requirements, the process is customized for you. The long aluminum rod heating furnace adopts energy-saving IBGT induction heating power supply control, with low power consumption and high production efficiency.

Working process of the mechanical system of the long aluminum rod heating furnace: the mechanical action of the whole set of long aluminum rod heating furnace is controlled by PLC timing, only the bar material is placed in the material storage rack manually, and the rest actions are automatically completed by the system under the control of PLC.

Storage platform – lifting conveying and feeding mechanism – cylinder feeding – induction heating – infrared temperature measurement – rapid discharging device – extruder or forging machinery.

The advanced automatic long aluminum rod heating furnace integrates power electronics, machinery, automatic control, industrial computer, intelligent technology, induction heating process and other electromechanical integration technologies, forming a systematic solution. FOREVER can provide customized automatic long aluminum rod heating furnace solutions according to different needs of users.

The long aluminum rod heating furnace has the following characteristics:

1. Power supply system: igbt160-800kw / 0.2-2.5khz.

2. Heating type: aluminum alloy, aluminum rod.

3. Main application: used for hot extrusion and forging of aluminum rod and aluminum alloy.

4. Feeding system: cylinder or hydraulic cylinder timing pushing.

5. Discharging system: roller conveying system.

6. The energy consumption for heating from 190 ℃ to 560 ℃ per ton of aluminum materials.

7. According to the needs of users, remote operation platform with touch screen or industrial computer system is provided.

8. Specially customized man-machine interface, highly humanized operation instructions.

9. Full digital, high depth adjustable parameters, so that you can control the aluminum rod heating furnace handy.

10. The heating speed is fast, the non-contact heating method is adopted, the heating is uniform, and the product performance is good all the time.

Choosing the right type of 20-180mm long aluminum rod heating furnace can make the long aluminum rod heating furnace play a greater value, improve your economic profit and reduce the investment cost. If you have this demand, you can consult FOREVER mechanical and electrical professional engineers for free, and guide the induction heating unit, heat treatment and tempering equipment, Induction heat treatment equipment and induction quenching heat treatment free of charge Production line, forging diathermy equipment selection, you can also provide free customized services.



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