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KGPS2500KW1000HZ/ rebar continuous heating furnace

The rebar continuous heating furnace produced by Hengyuan mechanical and electrical equipment in Wuqiao County is widely used in many industries such as general machinery, construction machinery, petroleum machinery, automobile, gold control, mining, bearing, etc., and can also be used for smelting and heating up non-ferrous metals such as copper and aluminum. Heat preservation and double operation with blast furnace.

The working principle of induction heating (the principle of the main circuit structure of power frequency induction furnace is to use electromagnetic induction to make the internal heat of copper ingot reach the temperature required for extrusion, when the current passes through the inductor, due to electromagnetic induction, The alternating magnetic field is generated in the work piece of the inductor. When the alternating magnetic field produces the induction electromotive force, the induced current, that is, eddy current, is formed in the workpiece. The distribution of eddy current density in the workpiece is very uneven, the closer to the surface current of the workpiece, and the higher the frequency of the surface current, so the power consumption is concentrated in the surface layer of the workpiece when the workpiece is heated by induction heating, so the temperature of the surface layer of the workpiece increases rapidly. As the surface temperature of the workpiece increases, the resistivity of the workpiece increases, so induction heating is a layer-by-layer heating process, and the correct selection of heating power, working frequency and heating time can achieve the required heating temperature.


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