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Keep in mind the prohibitive matters of operating induction heating equipment!

Keep in mind the prohibitive matters of operating induction heat treatment equipment !

1. It is strictly forbidden to close all the doors before working, and install safety devices to ensure that the doors do not send electricity before they are closed. After the high pressure is closed, do not move to the back of the machine at will, strictly forbid to open the door. The workpiece should remove burr, iron crumbs and oil pollution to prevent accidents.

2. It is strictly prohibited that there must be more than two people in order to operate induction heating equipment and designate the person in charge of the operation. Wear insulated shoes, insulated gloves and other prescribed protective equipment. The operator must be familiar with the operation rules of high frequency equipment, check whether the cooling system of the equipment is normal before starting, only after normal, and operate in strict accordance with the operating rules.

3. Live emergency repair of induction heating equipment should be kept clean, dry and dusty, and abnormal phenomena should be found in the work. First, the high voltage should be cut off, and then the fault should be checked and eliminated. High frequency equipment must be overhauled by a special person. After opening the door, the anode, gate, capacitor and other discharge must be discharged with the electric rod, and then the overhaul must be started. Live repair is strictly prohibited. Safety rules for electrical, mechanical and hydraulic transmission should be observed in the use of quenching machines. When moving quenching machine tools, toppling should be prevented

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