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It’s cool ! Forever automatic billet induction heating furnace mechanical equipment !

It’s cool ! Forever automatic billet induction heating furnace mechanical equipment !

Hearing the word of mechanical equipment, I would form a complex abstract picture in my mind, always feeling that this should be the kind of cool stuff technology, mechanical and mechanical nice connection between the formation of various high-tech things. Just like Forever billet induction heating furnace, it is simply a cool device. It can achieve automatic loading, automatic feeding, automatic heating, automatic discharging for rolling.

The induction heating equipment of Forever consists of feeding mechanism, conveying roller, induction heating system, cooling system, discharging mechanism, PLC console and quenching medium frequency power KGPS / IGBT etc.

The cool mechanical configuration of Forever billet induction heating furnace: double pressure rollers with power added on the roller table, each shaft driven by an independent motor reducer, independent frequency converter control, so that the billet can move on the roller table flexibly and uniformly, so that the workpiece heating temperature is homogeneous. The billet induction heating furnace adopts water-cooled roller frequency conversion drive mode feeding. The workpiece is transported at constant speed, and the induction device is installed on the conveying line to ensure that the billet passes smoothly through the roller.

The frame of billet forging heating furnace has enough strength and stiffness. In order to facilitate the installation of the equipment, adjustable foot is installed at the bottom of the frame, which makes the whole equipment more beautiful and cool.

According to the safety standardization requirements of mechanical industry, all the exposed parts of mechanical rotation are equipped with reliable protective cover, and the billet induction heating furnace should meet the national environmental protection standards. The equipment is not only cool in appearance, but also safe and secure.

Forever billet induction heating furnace adopts pyrometer to control the temperature, which shows the current temperature in real time and makes the heating more uniform.

We have designed a strong and durable electric isolation system for rollers of billet induction heating furnace, which solves the problem of large cargo damage.

Billet induction heating furnace is mainly used in metallurgical industry and mechanical manufacturing industry, Forever billet inductin heating furnace has advantages of automatic control, self-protection function, the power supply system can be increased to more than 0.93 power factor.

Forever billet induction heating furnace is not only cool and beautiful in appearance, but more importantly, it is our internal. While maintaining cool to ensure product quality, and also save resources, reduce costs, energy conservation and environmental protection. Forever is more in line with user psychology.



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