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It is recommended that you heat the workpiece using the induction heating device!

At present,   induction heat treatment equipment is very popular in heat treatment market as metal heat treatment equipment. What are the advantages of induction heating machine compared with traditional metal heat treatment furnace? In this paper, by Yuantuo electromechanical finishing, for you to explain in detail the performance advantages of induction heating furnace!

With the continuous innovation of induction heating technology, induction heating equipment has been widely accepted by more users, efficient operation mode, customized on demand, freely controlled, green environmental protection characteristics, so that heat treatment factory friends more assured.

Induction heating equipment is designed with mechatronics structure, fast installation and convenient movement. The furnace body of intermediate frequency heating equipment is customized according to the size of the user’s workpiece. The whole set adopts the integrated hoisting structure design, which is convenient and fast to replace the furnace body, and only needs to be linked to the hydropower joint, which can effectively reduce the standby time of the user and improve the production efficiency and competitiveness of the user.

Because the medium frequency heating equipment uses the electromagnetic induction principle to heat the metal workpiece, the electric energy itself belongs to the environmental protection energy, and will not produce waste gas, waste smoke and other substances that pollute the environment in the production process. Moreover, the metal heat treatment furnace will not cause the high temperature effect on the workshop as the traditional metal heat treatment furnace, and can effectively improve the production environment of the workshop. Induction heating equipment is equipped with IGBT intermediate frequency power supply, which is more energy saving than other ordinary power supplies, and has higher energy saving performance. It can save a lot of electricity and reduce the production cost of user enterprises in one year. In addition, compared with the traditional metal heat treatment furnace, the induction heating equipment has higher mechanization and automation. The intermediate frequency heating equipment adopts numerical control operation, and the whole equipment is centrally controlled by PLC and touch screen, which has the function of one-button operation. Metal heat treatment furnace is selected for heat treatment of metal work-piece. Hebei Yuantuo Electromechanical Factory specializes in the production and manufacture of induction heating equipment for more than 10 years, environmental protection clearance, intelligent operation, customized production according to user requirements, humanized design, efficient intelligence, energy saving and power saving, users are more assured!

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