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It is more suitable to use induction heating furnace for round steel heating.

With the rapid growth of urban infrastructure, there is a large gap in demand for steel bars, round steel, steel bars and other metal workpieces, which makes the market prices of steel bars and round steel continue to rise and the market supply is short. Many customers seize this opportunity. Investing in round steel heating industry and opening metal heating plants can not only provide high-quality metal workpieces for the market, but also bring rich profits to itself.

1. Induction heating furnace is the equipment used in metal heating industry for on-line heating of metal workpieces such as round steel, steel bar, steel plate, steel pipe and so on. The equipment is integrated in design and combined with a variety of functional modules to form an independent and complete production line. Joint operations are more efficient, eliminating complex installation and disassembly links, and saving production costs.

2. The remote round steel heating equipment is based on electromagnetic induction heating, equipped with infrared thermometer for precise temperature measurement, and can be used to heat round steel of different specifications by changing induction heaters. The operation of the equipment is more convenient, the PLC centralized control system, the intelligence level is high, the operation condition of the equipment is mastered at any time, and the fault alarm system is matched to ensure the safe production.

3, the equipment uses electromagnetic heating, strong adaptability to the environment, less dust in the working process, less noise, small impact on the environment, green environmental protection effect is good.

The metal workpieces produced by induction heating equipment of circular steel are of high quality and good market sales, which brings considerable profit to users and detailed equipment models.

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