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It is more economical to adopt induction heating equipment in metal heat treatment furnace.

At present, the induction heat treatment machine  parts mainly uses the induction heating equipment, and the traditional low-level PLC is used to control the mechanical action of the metal heat treatment furnace and the single time control mode to carry out induction heating treatment on various metal workpieces. Because the positioning is inaccurate and the speed is not stable, the function is not perfect, the efficiency is low, and the heat treatment quality of the metal part with complex structure is difficult to be guaranteed.

long bar hardening and tempering production line

With reference to the advanced technology abroad, combined with the present production and domestic practical situation, the full-closed structure, numerical control and single time control are adopted to improve the energy control mode; the analog quantity control is improved to the digital quantity control, and the process requirements required by the heat treatment of different parts of the automobile parts of different structures are required, the corresponding program is prepared according to the software system, the speed is automatically adjusted during the processing of the steel tube annealing furnace, the power size is adjusted, the induction heating heating time is adjusted, the whole operation process of the metal heat treatment furnace is carried out on-line in real time through different interfaces of the screen, If the fault or process parameter is found to deviate from the given value, the unqualified parts are listed directly, the control system is suspended and the alarm is displayed, the fault source is displayed at the same time, the steel tube annealing furnace has the function of storing the process parameters, And the heat treatment quality of the complex metal workpiece is ensured. the technology and the scheme and the principle energy adopted by the induction heating device control the cooling water and the intermediate frequency power supply to independently complete the starting process, The most important is energy control.


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