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Investment of Induction heating equipment in 2019

The induction heat treatment equipment  produced by us is through heat treatment temperature control technology, using high temperature short time on-line rapid heating method, stabilizing and tempering, obtaining good mechanical properties, reducing production cost, but also effectively saving energy and resources.

rod heating furnace

Four major investment points of induction heating equipment in forging and casting industry:

[1] the heating speed is fast, the heating efficiency is high, the work-piece repeatability is good, the metal surface is only slightly peeled, and slight polishing can restore the specular luminance of the surface, so that the consistent material properties can be obtained effectively.

[2] Energy consumption is low pollution, heating efficiency is higher than other heating methods, energy consumption is effectively reduced, labor productivity is improved, pollution-free indexes are in accordance with the national standard environmental protection requirements to eliminate coal burning furnace, gas furnace, fuel furnace and ordinary resistance furnace, is a new generation of metal heating optimal selection equipment.

[3] the work-piece is heated uniformly and the temperature control accuracy is high: by selecting reasonable working efficiency and adjusting the appropriate diathermy temperature, the heating uniformity can be realized to ensure the small temperature difference of the heating core table, and the temperature can be accurately controlled through the temperature control system to ensure the repetition accuracy of the product.

[4] the production operation is simple, the incoming and outgoing materials are flexible, the degree of automation is high, and the on-line production can be realized.

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