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Introduction to the advantages of induction heating equipment!

induction hardening furnace, that is, the currently used electromagnetic Metal induction heat treatment furnace, is a new type of metal heating equipment in a new era, and is slowly replacing the traditional heating methods such as diesel oil, gas, coal and the like.

Let’s take a look at the advantages of the induction heating equipment:

A: high efficiency and energy saving: the heating efficiency of the induction heating equipment is above 90%, and compared with the traditional natural gas, coal and other metal heating equipment, the heating efficiency is about 40% to 60%;

B: no preheating is required: the intermediate-frequency heating equipment does not need to carry out pre-heating before the heat treatment process, and is more economical and energy-saving; and

C, the heating is fast, the temperature is high, the temperature is high, the temperature is more than 500

DEG C within 1 second, and the environment-friendly low-carbon: Because the induction heating device adopts the electric energy as the production energy source, the pollution of the waste gas, the waste smoke and the like is not generated, and the production processing is in accordance with the environmental protection requirement.

E: Technical stability: the induction heating equipment developed by the remote-to-electric machine has a complete function, and has a system protection device such as over-current, over-pressure, overheating, water shortage, and defect.

F: The service life is prolonged: the remote-to-large-scale mechanical and mechanical production induction heating equipment is designed according to the industry standard, and the electric components are made from the international well-known brands, so as to ensure the performance of the equipment is high and efficient, the operation is stable, and the service life is longer.

G: Precise temperature control: the closed-loop temperature control system with high precision is configured, and the power of the power supply can be automatically adjusted through the system, so as to ensure the processing quality of the work piece.


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