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Introduction to the advantages of induction heating equipment!

 induction heat treatment equipment, which is commonly known as electromagnetic induction heating equipment, is a new type of Metal heat treatment furnace   in the new era, which is slowly replacing the original diesel, gas, coal and other traditional heating methods.

Let’s take a look at the advantages of induction heating equipment:

A: high efficiency and energy saving: the heating efficiency of induction heating equipment is as high as 90%, compared with the traditional natural gas, coal and other metal heating equipment is 40% and 60% higher;

B: no preheating: intermediate frequency heating equipment does not need manual preheating of furnace before heat treatment, which is more economical and energy saving;

C: ultra-fast heating: using electromagnetic induction heating, the heating rate is super fast, the temperature within 1 second is above 500 ℃; D: environmental protection and low carbon: because induction heating equipment uses electric energy as production energy, will not produce waste gas, waste smoke and other pollution, production and processing in line with environmental protection requirements.

E: technical stability: induction heating equipment developed by Yuantian electromechanical system has perfect function, with over-current, over-voltage, overheating, water shortage, defects and other system protection devices.

F: life prolongation: Yuantian electromechanical production induction heating equipment is designed according to industry standards, Electrical components are collected from international brands to ensure efficient performance, stable operation and longer service life.

G: accurate temperature control: equipped with high and accurate closed-loop temperature control system, the power supply can be automatically adjusted through the system to ensure the machining quality of the work-piece.

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