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Introduction to induction heating equipment, how much is the price?

steel pipe induction heating system, also known as intermediate frequency induction heating equipment, is a kind of metal heat treatment furnace mainly used in heat treatment market at present. Therefore, this paper mainly introduces the relevant equipment knowledge of this induction heating equipment which is heated by electromagnetic principle, the details of which are as follows:

First, the induction heating equipment has just said that the induction heating equipment is a kind of equipment which adopts the electromagnetic principle to heat the metal work-piece. The induction coil is used to heat the metal work-piece, and the alternating current is uniformly distributed in the interior of the metal work-piece. Heat treatment heating is carried out by vortex heat. Because of the direct heating, the heat loss is less, the thermal efficiency is as high as 95%, and the heat efficiency is as high as 95%.

Second, how much is the induction heating equipment? Induction heating equipment will be due to different manufacturers, different producing areas and even different technical content of intermediate frequency heating equipment prices vary, so, the specific price also needs to consult the specific intermediate frequency heating furnace manufacturers in detail. However, here, we remind investors that when choosing and purchasing induction heating equipment, they can go to some direct sales manufacturers of intermediate frequency heating equipment to see more, such as Yuantian Electromechanical and so on. After all, the price of intermediate frequency heating furnace given there is relatively favorable, although it may not be the bottom of the industry price, but on the premise of the same quality, the price given by such manufacturers should at least be more favorable than other reseller manufacturers. So on the whole, it is still worth the user to consider buying.

Third, which induction heating equipment price is more favorable to say in the current market where there are many intermediate frequency heating equipment, which intermediate frequency heating furnace price is more favorable? Here we strongly suggest that you come to Hebei area, the specific reasons are as follows: 1, Hebei mainly hit the middle and low level consumer market, so the price positioning of induction heating equipment will not be too high; 2, the Hebei region is mostly self-produced and self-sold intermediate frequency heating equipment direct sales manufacturers, their given intermediate frequency heating furnace price is relatively pure, there is no excess additional cost, that is, factory price; 3, because of the majority of intermediate frequency heating furnace manufacturers in Hebei area, under the fierce peer competition, many manufacturers will reduce the price of induction heating equipment in order to obtain more sales in order to occupy the market advantage. 4, the overall price level of Hebei is relatively low, and the traffic conditions are developed, and the cost of equipment transportation is low. In addition, it is still a big province of artificial labor force, and the labor force is sufficient and cheap, so the price positioning of intermediate frequency heating equipment in Hebei Province will not be too high, so generally speaking, the intermediate frequency heating furnace under Hexei District is still more suitable for users to invest and purchase.

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