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Interpretation: Why billet induction heating furnace will become a “hot spot”?

Interpretation: Why billet induction heating furnace will become a “hot spot”?

In addition to relying on continuous innovation and hard work, grasping opportunity is also very important for the development. Being involved in the field of billet induction heating for nearly 20 years, Forever has extensive experience in induction heating technology to realize “energy saving and reducing power consumption”. Uphold the spirit of optimization and innovation, to provide quality products, excellent technology, excellent service, the pursuit of user-centric, market demand for the purpose of development goals, Forever sincerely hope to work with you on the project of billet induction heating furnace.

Q: Billet induction heating furnace depends on which point for development?

A: China attaches great importance to the development and utilization of billet nduction heating process. The traditional furnace with low productivity has been improved, billet induction heating furnace has speed up the pace of upgrading and efficiency of steel companies. The task of the billet induction heating furnace is to heat the steel to the temperature and heating quality required by the process according to the rolling rhythm of the rolling mill, increasing the percentage of finished steel billet and improveing the service life of the rolling mill and the operating rate of the entire rolling line.

Q: Billet induction heating furnace business development needs?

A: The current billet induction heating furnace is mainly used in steel production, in recent years, the billet induction heating furnace enterprises develop rapidly. Induction heating equipment has broad prospects for development, Forever billet heating equipment can be customized according to different specifications of the workpiece to meet the production needs of users.

Q: What are the characteristics of billet induction heating furnace?

A: The technical principle of billet induction heating furnace is more advanced and helps users to develop a long-term route. The device is easy to operate, easy to control, high thermal efficiency and continuous operation. There is no smoke, much noise and dust during billet induction heating.

Q: The influence of high-tech on billet induction heating furnace development

A: The equipment adopts PLC intelligent automatic program control for feeding and guide system. Each motor reducer drive independently. Using 304 non-magnetic stainless steel guide wheel, guide wheel to maintain a moderate degree of flexibility to accommodate the billet within the allowable range of bending.

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