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Intermediate frequency heat treatment heating equipment

 medium frequency heating equipment, the application of high-tech automatic products such as steel pipe quenching furnace enables the mechanization and automation of production in medium frequency heat treatment equipment, and can operate under different working conditions to protect personal safety. Improve the production efficiency and quality of the enterprise. Too many user enterprises are equipped with steel pipe quenching furnace to replace labor, this equipment not only brings higher efficiency to enterprises, but also saves cost. When it comes to using steel pipe quenching furnace to replace labor, the first concern of many enterprises is how much is the intermediate frequency heat treatment equipment?

In addition, the technical content of intermediate frequency heat treatment equipment is different, which leads to the big difference in price.

1 the wear-resistant steel structure of intermediate frequency heat treatment equipment is durable to ensure that the operation of sanitary

2.PLC console is simple, and there is no need to ask another professional and technical operator.

3.Equipped with imported PLC console, humanized operation interface, greatly improve control accuracy, reliability, intelligence and adjustment range of

4. 5%. Can be consistent with the speed of the pump to ensure accuracy

5. The intermediate frequency heat treatment equipment adopts servo motor control and DSP digital signal processor, and the control accuracy is correct, so as to ensure the transmission effect

6. 5%. A variety of imported high quality parts of steel pipe quenching furnace ensure the high quality and high performance of the machine. No additional straightening machine or other auxiliary equipment is required

FOREVER Electromechanical and Electrical equipment Company is a professional induction heating equipment company, which is committed to realizing process automation for customers and solving urgent problems such as low efficiency of manual operation, unstable quality, waste of energy and so on. Intermediate frequency heat treatment equipment has been well received by customers at home and abroad. If need to buy medium frequency heat treatment equipment, welcome to call far Topics, we will serve you wholeheartedly!

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