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Innovation is the Source Power of Induction heating Industry

No matter what you do, what is always original is the best! The same is true of the Induction heat treatment furnace. Our products in 2009 have been imitated by other manufacturers. Up to now, I don’t know if you have a new sense of conscience-the country is not strong just because you exist!

long bar hardening and tempering production line

Hebei Hengyuan forging heating equipment is the leading brand of induction heating industry, which has been viewed with envy, jealousy and other eyes, but our products have been repeatedly appraised as the quality assurance of “industry innovation advanced unit” for 15 years, which is the new development motive force of our continuous innovation and R & D, and only innovation will have greater and more development. Chairman Meng Fandong taught us that customers are our food and clothing parents, and the rice noodle oil we eat comes from the sincere needs of our customers. We must use hard-working, intelligent hands to serve every customer who has helped us. This is Hebei Hengyuan Science and Technology Co., Ltd.!

I believe that in many enterprises, units, companies have always put “innovation” in the position of quality reliability, it is always the most fundamental law for the survival of enterprises. As a key innovative enterprise in induction heating industry, we will, as always, do a good job of comprehensive service work such as pre-sale, in-sale, after-sale and so on. We are always waiting for your visit guidance and investigation.

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Post time: 06-12-2019