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Industrial intermediate frequency electric furnace use

A device that uses the heat generated by fuel combustion, or converts electric energy into heat, to heat a workpiece or material is called an industrial furnace. Medium frequency induction heating equipment is also a kind of industrial furnace.

Industrial furnaces for mechanical industrial applications have multiple types. a furnace for smelting metal in a casting workshop, a cupola furnace, a crucible furnace, an induction furnace, a resistance furnace, an electric arc furnace, a vacuum furnace and the like, Various annealing, normalizing, quenching and tempering intermediate-frequency furnaces for improving the mechanical properties of the workpiece, a steel plate heating furnace and a post-welding heat treatment furnace before being pressed in the welding workshop, and a heating furnace for sintering the metal in the powder metallurgy workshop and the like.

The technical progress of industrial furnace plays a very important role in the development of industry. The structural modeling, heating process, thermal control and furnace atmosphere of intermediate frequency electric furnace all directly affect the quality of processed products. In the forging furnace, increasing the heating temperature of the metal can reduce the deformation resistance, but the high temperature will cause grain growth, oxidation or overburning, which will seriously affect the quality of the workpiece. In order to obtain the workpiece with accurate size and smooth surface, or to reduce the oxidation of metal to protect the die and reduce the machining margin, a variety of non-oxidation heating furnace can be used. In the salt bath furnace, the molten salt solution can be used as the heating medium to prevent the oxidation and decarbonization of the workpiece.


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