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Induction quenching and tempering furnace

The whole technology of induction heating equipment,

Hardening and tempering furnace such as steel bar furnace, steel tube heating equipment, steel tube quenching furnace, steel tube quenching equipment, round steel heat treatment furnace, steel bar hot rolling heating equipment, steel bar quenching furnace, screw steel quenching and tempering heat treatment production line and many other induction heating equipment produced by YUANTUO has reached the leading level, which promotes the induction heating and induction heat treatment industry It is of great significance to ensure the safety of induction heating industry with international competitiveness.


Induction heating equipment, quenching and tempering furnace technology leading:

1. Automatic production of induction heating equipment, induction quenching equipment, quenching and tempering furnace, forging and diathermy equipment, no pollution and noise in the production process, and the processed workpiece has good toughness. High hardness, no oxide skin, all properties of the products have reached the national standards, and the quality of the products is good.

2. Conveying roller table: the axis of the roller table and the axis of the workpiece form an included angle of 18-21-deg.; the workpiece rotates while feeding at a constant speed, so as to make the heating more uniform. The roller table between furnace bodies adopts 304 non-magnetic stainless steel and water-cooled.

3. Roller table grouping: the feed group, inductor group and discharge group are controlled independently, which is conducive to continuous heating without gaps between workpieces.

4. The spray system adopts multi-stage spray cooling, and the pressure and flow between spray rings at all levels can be adjusted to meet the requirements of different hardenability.

5. Temperature closed-loop control: the U.S. Leitai infrared thermometer and German Siemens S7 constitute a closed-loop control system for quenching, accurate temperature control.

6. All digital, high-depth adjustable parameters, so that you can easily control the equipment.

7. Strict level management system and perfect one key reduction system.

8. Provide corresponding language switching according to different countries and regions.



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