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Induction heating of steel pipe

medium frequency induction heating furnace method for steel pipe, oil well pipe and drill pipe, which is divided into material storage table on workpiece; Automatic alignment and positioning of workpiece: workpiece enters heating roller: quenching induction heating: closed-loop temperature control system: continuous spray with line to make workpiece rapidly uniform and completely quenched: residual water in workpiece leakage tube on drain table: tempering induction heating: infrared temperature measurement closed-loop control system: remove oxidation scale on workpiece surface; Cold bed: medium frequency induction heating as heat treatment heating source has no pollution, safety, less oxide scale and low cost. The heating roller table ensures that the workpiece is heated evenly in the heating process, and the workpiece does not need to be straightened by the straightening machine after passing through the roller table, which reduces the cost. The spray quenching device makes the workpiece rapidly uniform and completely quenched in the continuous spray with the line, and the descaling device makes the surface of the finished workpiece bright to the true color. The drain table makes water and steam without tempering should be heated in the coil, and the service life of the induction heating coil is long.

rod heating furnace

(1) the material storage table on the workpiece: the steel pipe or oil well pipe or drill pipe of the workpiece is arranged neatly on the material storage table; the table surface of the storage table is tilted 2 ≤ 5 degrees, and the workpiece is suspended from the crane to the storage table and arranged in order automatically: the material blocking device of the storage table is eccentric wheel structure, for φ 60 ~ φ 139.7 adjusting the eccentric wheel position at different angles, so that the material turning device can only flip one material at a time;

(2) automatic alignment and positioning of workpiece: the steel pipe or oil well pipe or drill pipe of the workpiece is sent by the material storage platform to the reliable position of quality-alignment and positioning roller table, which is composed of four rollers and equipped with material receiving switch, in which the two ends of the roller are driven by the motor reducer to align the workpiece;

(3) the workpiece enters the heating roller table: the workpiece steel pipe or oil well pipe or drill pipe enters the heating roller table, carries on the uniform heating, and tilts the V-shaped roller wheel and the variable frequency speed regulating motor and reducer on the heating roller table.


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