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induction heating machine of china

.induction heating machine of china  can also be called metal heat treatment furnace, is a steel rod, steel pipe, steel billet, steel bar, steel plate and other metal workpiece heat treatment equipment, the market demand for induction heating equipment, promote the development of metal heat treatment industry, domestic induction heating equipment manufacturers, which brand of induction heating equipment good? Is the price high?

induction hardening tempering machine

There is a good way to judge the quality of induction heating equipment

Heating efficiency: good quality induction heating equipment heating speed, and high efficiency, the current high-quality induction heating equipment heating efficiency as high as

more than 85%, the production speed is fast, and the time required for heating is short.

Whether the heating temperature is uniform: good quality induction heating equipment heating temperature uniform, a high-quality metal heat treatment furnace processing metal workpiece, core surface temperature difference, workpiece surface will not produce oxidation decarbonization and other phenomena.

HeBei FOREVER mechanical and electrical induction heating equipment in the industry, cost-effective, the price is more pro-people. Be able to offer a reasonable offer while providing quality service to the user because:

1. Far extension has specialized raw material purchase channel, the overall purchase cost is low;

The price consumption level of Hebei is low, and then the price of equipment in Hebei is generally low.

3.FOREVER adheres to the sales policy of small profits and more sales, manufacturers direct sales, there is no middleman, heart to give back to the majority of customers, so the price is more affordable.


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