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Induction heating furnace for steel bar supplier in China

Induction heating furnace for steel bar supplier in China


Induction heating furnace for steel bar supplier in China–Forever is specialized in producing steel bar induction heating furnace for over 13 years with 1000+ cases.

Forever will help you to choose suitable induction heating furnace for steel bar according to bar size, production capacity and heating temperature. Usually, small steel bar will use push-type induction heating furnace, but large steel bar will use walking beam induction heating furnace.

The working principle of walking beam large steel bar induction heating furnace:

There are two pairs of water-cooled rails in the induction heaters. One pair of rails is fixed, which is used for withstanding the billet weight during heating process. Another pair of rails is active to hold the billet and feed forward the length of one steel bar.
The structure of large steel bar induction heating furnace consists of inductors, walking beam mechanism, holding cover and other components.

Induction heater: 16mm * 16mm * 3mm pure copper tube is made into three larger diameter coils. There is insulation layer covering the copper tube outsite, which will be cooled through water pipe during machine operation.

Each coil has a heat-resistant sets, between which there is aluminum silicate fiber felt for insulation. The frame of large steel bar induction heating furnace: made of welded steel, includes induction heater, walking beam mechanism and controller.

Induction heating furnace and temperature control device consists of new SCR automatic intelligent induction heating power, furnace cabinet, capacitor, induction heating coil, pinch roller, connection cable, remote console, infrared thermometer, PLC Control systems.

The temperature control system is using infrared thermometer closed-loop temperature control. PLC parameters setting can control production capacity and heating temperature to match the rolling speed. Compared with gas furnace and coal furnace, induction furnace has advantages of no oxidation, uniform heating, instant start and stop and small occupying area.This can avoid bar material waste due to rolling mill failure.

The conveying mechanism of the steel bar induction heating furnace adopts pinch roller device. The roller is made of non-magnetic stainless steel. The upper and lower shafts are water cooled by rotating water cooling joint, which reduces the deformation and maintains the strength of the shaft. Furnace cabinet has enough strength and rigidity for easier equipment installing. The bottom of the rack set adjustable anchor for convenient equipment installing. So the equipment appearance will be nicer. 

Induction furnace water supply is using stainless steel water supply and equip with  stainless steel quick change joints, which make replacing induction heater more convenient. Both sides of the induction heater are used 8mm thick polyurethane insulation board with features of insulation performance, high strength.

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