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Induction heating furnace auto control

Induction heating furnace auto control


Forever is one professional manufacturer and exporter of induction heating furnace in China. Besides supplying different sizes of induction heating furnace, we also supply other services, like developing new special induction heating furnace according to the specific conditions for our customers.

Brief introduction

Forever induction heating furnace is often used for the heating treatment and normalizing for metal materials before forging, extrusion and bending or rolling.

Available for steel, copper, aluminum material induction heating or heat treatment.

Main features

1. Wide output frequency range: 1KHZ-20KHZ

2. The induction coil length of material: 500mm-1000mm

3. Continuous induction heatingworking

4. Working power is more than 85% of the rated power.

5. High efficiency, low power consumption.

6.Automatic feeding device and discharging device,which can realize online production.Saving labor cost and ensuring product quality.

7.Complete protections for the system can ensure long life performance.

Forever  is engaged  in the development, production and sales of induction heating equipment.. It is now featured IGBT series, which are mainly used in metal heating,forging. Main components are all made up of transistor manifold from well-known manufacturers and German original high-power-speed switching tube IGBT.

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Post time: 09-17-2016