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Induction heating equipment production intelligence, automation!

Intelligent, automation is the only way to the development of heat treatment equipment industry. Nowadays, scientific and technological innovation is accelerating and high-tech mining machines are emerging in endlessly. In order to enhance their core competitiveness, we must constantly innovate and optimize the structure and operation mode of the equipment. Induction heating furnace is a new heating equipment in the heat treatment industry. NC operation intelligent production is gradually replacing the traditional metal heat treatment furnace.

bar heating furnace

Brief description of induction heating equipment:

the induction heating equipment is different from the traditional metal heat treatment furnace. the induction heating equipment adopts intermediate frequency current for heat treatment processing. through the induction coil for non-contact heating, the thermal efficiency is up to 95%, the heat waste rate is low, and it is more energy saving than the high frequency equipment of the electronic tube at the same power.

Induction heating equipment automation control, intelligent operation:

Digital operation mode: can achieve remote control, real-time control of induction heating equipment operation data, improve the accuracy of the operation, achieve safety in production.

Closed-loop temperature control system: induction heating furnace adopts closed-loop temperature control system, equipped with high-precision far-infrared thermometer, on-line real-time monitoring of workpiece heating temperature, automatic regulation of power, to ensure the quality of workpiece processing to meet the requirements of users.

Automatic design: The whole induction heating equipment adopts automatic feeding and discharging mechanism to improve the production efficiency of metal heat treatment furnace and reduce manual operation.

Induction heating equipment is processed by electric heat transfer, and no pollution such as waste gas, waste smoke and dust is produced in the production process, which conforms to the environmental protection requirements.
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