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Induction heating equipment performance introduction, recommended by manufacturers!

There is more and more demand for metal steel bar materials in industrial construction, and metal steel bar processing equipment has been more widely used. At present, induction heating equipment is mainly used as the heat treatment furnace of steel rod. The equipment uses electromagnetic induction principle to heat treatment of metal steel rod, and realizes environmental protection, energy saving, high efficiency and so on. induction diathermy electric furnace is gradually replacing the traditional metal heat treatment furnace.

The induction heating equipment is a kind of non-standard product, according to the user’s different shape, the metal work piece of material, mainly has the steel bar heating furnace, the steel tube heating furnace, the billet heating furnace, the steel bar heating furnace, the copper bar heating furnace, the steel plate heating furnace, Aluminum rod heating furnace and other metal parts heat treatment equipment. Widely used in mining machinery, petroleum machinery, wind power machinery, railway transportation and other industries

This steel bar heat treatment furnace is a kind of equipment for heat treatment by means of electro-rotating heat treatment. It will be generated directly from the workpiece by inductor in a non-contact manner, and the heating efficiency is up to 95% or more. And the production process is not easy to produce waste smoke waste gas and dust and other pollution, to achieve environmental protection production. Due to the high speed of induction heating and the short time required, the surface of workpiece is not easy to produce oxide scale, burn loss and decarbonization phenomenon, saving materials and high processing quality.

Since the intermediate frequency heating furnace is a non-standard product, the manufacturer customizes and offers according to the customer’s workpiece material, size, shape, production efficiency, process requirements and so on. Therefore, there is no direct accurate quote, if you would like to learn more information, please call to consult Yuantuo Mechatronics customer Service to obtain a quote!

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