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Induction heating equipment performance and price analysis!

 induction heat treatment equipment is a metal heat treatment furnace which is widely used in heat treatment market at present. Induction heating equipment is used in machinery manufacturing, automobile manufacturing, mining machinery, wind power machinery and other industries. The induction heating equipment of FOREVER electromechanical production mainly includes: steel rod heating equipment, steel pipe heating equipment, steel bar heating equipment, billet heating equipment, steel plate heating equipment, aluminum rod heating equipment, copper rod heating equipment and so on. In recent years, induction heating furnace is the main equipment for heat treatment of metal steel bars. Because of its high efficiency, outstanding environmental advantages, numerical control production operation and other characteristics, it is gradually replacing the traditional metal heat treatment furnace.

The performance characteristics of induction heating equipment are as follows:

1, small area: induction heating furnace integrates intermediate frequency power supply, automatic feeding, blanking and transportation system, induction heating system, central control system, induction heating equipment occupies less than flame furnace 1 / 3, which is beneficial to users to reasonably standardize space use.

2, high degree of automation, high precision of operation: the fully intelligent control system used in induction heating equipment, The equipment starts automatically and adjusts the parameters, its operation precision is high, the safety performance is strong.

3, the production environmental protection, meets the requirement: the pipeline heating equipment uses the electric energy to carry on the heat treatment processing, the production process will not produce the waste gas, the waste smoke and the noise dust and so on pollution, conforms to the relevant department request.

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