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Induction heating equipment meets high speed, high precision and high stability.

In recent years, the country’s rapid industrial development, high-speed rail, automobile and other important machinery manufacturing industry demand has increased significantly, which has led to a large increase in induction heating equipment manufacturers. In the present era of vigorously promoting the spirit of entrepreneurship and craftsmanship, “Made in China 2025 “, as the first ten-year action plan of the manufacturing power strategy, has achieved positive results and become an important grasp of structural optimization and innovation and development. An important target to complete this program is the pursuit of technological innovation, as a large-scale induction heating equipment manufacturing enterprises in the field of induction heating for nearly 20 years, has a profound understanding of this. Based on the technical basis of our far extension electromechanical high quality, the research and development of electromechanical integrated induction heating equipment energy saving, high efficiency, mechanization, automation features more flexible to meet the needs of the metal heating industry, with high speed, high precision and high stability processing characteristics.

hardening and tempering machine

By applying advanced microelectronics technology such as frequency conversion speed regulation technology, servo system, fuzzy control system and so on to the traditional induction heating equipment, the mechanical transmission structure is greatly simplified. Under the premise of ensuring the high precision of the equipment, the manufacture, repair, maintenance and convenience of the equipment are made easier and more convenient, and the operator is free from the heavy physical labor, which is conducive to realizing civilized production, improving labor productivity, saving energy and saving materials. Low consumption and environmental protection. The defects of traditional single machine supporting equipment are overcome, the occupation area is reduced, and the process guarantee of induction metal heat treatment process is established. More to meet the market demand for induction heating equipment.

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