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How much is the  induction heat treatment equipment ? The price range is different, ranging from hundreds of thousands to millions. The main difference is that the equipment model is mounted differently. Different users and production requirements are different, and the configuration of the manufacturer’s production equipment is different, which will affect the price of the induction heating equipment.

Induction heating equipment is a colorful model, the price is very different induction heating equipment is the current heat treatment industry, mainly used for metal heat treatment processing equipment, its style, production low carbon, intelligent operation, and environmental protection and energy saving, is in line with the needs of modern heat treatment plants. A variety of intermediate frequency heating equipment styles to choose more, more to meet the diversified market demand. According to the material of metal workpiece processed by users, induction heating equipment can be divided into steel bar heat treatment equipment, steel pipe heat treatment equipment, steel bar heat treatment equipment, steel plate heat treatment equipment, billet heating equipment, sucker rod heat treatment equipment and so on.

Induction heating equipment manufacturers have a strong strength, after-sale worry-free induction heating equipment prices, but high performance-to-price ratio, at the same time, manufacturers also have a strong after-sales service team support, can ensure that users choose and purchase worry-free, the future to create higher profits for heat treatment plants. 1, free custom induction heating technology scheme and can take you to participate in the customer site, get new preferential quotations; 2, professionals provide free type selection guidance, scheme design; 3, one-stop steel bar heat treatment furnace (production line) installation, commissioning, operation guidance services; 4, long-term warranty, regular return visit service to ensure the use of equipment “safe and secure”.


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