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Induction heating equipment manufacturers should have their own characteristic

As the preferred equipment _  induction heat treatment equipment for the current metal heating equipment, the quality and the performance are first considered when the customer is selected, but with the popularization of the automation equipment, the technical difference of the oil pipe heating furnace is smaller and smaller, and the technical bottleneck is less and less, The homogenization of the whole product becomes inevitable, and the traditional method of relying on the price and the technology to obtain the competitive advantage of the market is not applicable, and the enterprise cannot rely solely on the two points to win in the market competition, and at present, The competition of medium-frequency heating equipment manufacturers has also gradually shifted to the service competition.

induction hardening machine

Talking about the service, every medium-frequency heating equipment enterprise will say that we have, not the pre-sale design, the sales training, the post-sales installation and debugging, and the regular maintenance? The rules are true, but few of them really do fine, and in the final analysis the reason for most hot-rolled steel-pipe equipment is that after the equipment is sold to the customer, the center of gravity of the service is also transferred, feeling that the center of the service is more likely to be placed on the new customers that are likely to have a deal, But we do not know that the success of sales is just the beginning of the service, because we sell the medium-frequency heating equipment out, and we should be responsible for our customers, be responsible for our induction heating equipment, carefully and carefully train the operation of the feeder, the maintenance personnel and the careful installation and debugging equipment. The invention solves the problems in the production, establishes the customer service file, the regular return visit and the overhaul, and the comprehensive and high-quality and customer-centric follow-up service can truly ensure the follow-up use of the client equipment, ensure the production process and realize the greater production benefit of the customer.

As a large manufacturer of tubing heating furnace in China, induction heating equipment believes that in today’s increasingly homogeneous equipment, while ensuring the continuous improvement of the performance and quality of hot rolled steel pipe equipment, who can provide customers with excellent quality and value-added service, who can win the market. In these three aspects, Yuantian Electromechanical has been at the front end of the industry, it has R & D equipment center to ensure its advanced nature and practicability, equipment production and manufacturing in strict accordance with ISO9001 manufacturing to ensure that each is a boutique.


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