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Induction heating equipment is widely used!

  induction heat treatment equipment rely on electromagnetic heating, the production realizes green environmental protection, at present, it has cost the optimal selection equipment of Metal heat treatment furnace  manufacturers, so the application scope of induction heating furnace is more and more extensive, and it begins to involve different industries for heat treatment production. Let’s take a look at which industries it involves.

1. At present, the automobile industry has widely used intermediate frequency heating equipment for heat treatment production, and the automobile parts treated by induction heating equipment have risen to about 50% of the total heat treatment parts. The purpose of quenching is to improve the wear resistance of parts, torsional fatigue strength and bending fatigue strength.

2. In addition to the quenched parts of the engine and the automobile engine, there are many induction quenching parts that need to be heat treated by medium frequency heating furnace, such as drive wheel, guide wheel, support wheel, chain rail joint, pin, sleeve, output shaft, valve rocker arm, bulldozer blade, transmission gear, etc.

3.In machine tool industry, induction heating equipment needs quenching heat treatment to the variable speed gear, spindle, variable speed fork and guide rail surface of the spindle box to improve the wear resistance.

4, the transmission large modulus gear in heavy machinery, the shovel plate of excavator and so on require high comprehensive mechanical performance, which requires heat treatment of induction heating furnace.

5, the proportion of induction quenching of bearing ring in bearing industry, especially the raceway of large bearing ring, railway bearing, etc., is increasing year by year.

6. the railway transportation rail is quenched by medium frequency heating furnace to improve its strength and toughness. In addition, the crankshaft, gear and shaft of locomotive parts need to be heat treated by induction heating equipment.

7, the oil pipe for petroleum industry, The sucker rod and coupling part are processed by heat treatment.


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