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Induction heating equipment is more suitable for the current market demand!

For the heat treatment industry, what kind of equipment is suitable for market demand now? Everyone will think of  induction heat treatment equipment. That’s right! This equipment has a wide range of applications, loved by everyone, more importantly, its excellent performance can better meet the needs of the market.

1. The induction heating furnace is suitable for the market demand presentation 1, and is environment-friendly: the intermediate-frequency heating furnace adopts electric heating, and does not generate dust, waste gas, waste smoke and noise and the like during the heat treatment production on the metal workpiece, and meets the national policy requirements;

2, the reliability is high: the induction heating equipment has the advantages of stable and reliable temperature close, control, real-time acquisition, recording, storage process control data and corresponding classification retrieval, inquiry, printing function,

3, improvement of safety system, real-time detection of process control effect, Real-time analysis and monitoring of the follow-up status of the diagnostic equipment, prompt the display of the Chinese characters in time for all kinds of abnormal conditions, and the audible and visual alarm.

4. The operation is simple: It is convenient and fast to switch (only the “automatic” manual on the operating table is switched) to realize the switching between the two. In addition, the automatic control operation state can also be used for adjusting the power or operating speed of the power supply manually. (The adjustment data system for manual participation will be recorded in real time (recorded)

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