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Induction heating equipment in China is more popular!

No matter what industry it is, it will always follow only one law, that is, survival of the fittest. Therefore, in the competition of heat treatment equipment industry, if induction heating furnace does not have outstanding performance characteristics and advantages, then it can only be annihilated in the pace of continuous renewal of the industry, heat treatment industry has never been lack of competition. And there has never been a stop to competition. In this fiercely competitive industry, there are still ultra-high performance induction heating equipment leading the industry trend, it is the induction heating equipment designed by FOREVER  electromechanical research and development. Why can Yao lead other products in the same industry?

billet induction preheating furnace

The main aspects are as follows: first of all, the induction heating equipment produced by FOREVER Electromechanical adopts the principle of electromagnetic induction to heat the heat directly from the inside of the workpiece through the transferable alternating current. In this way, the heating process no longer produces waste gas, smoke and dust and other substances that pollute the environment, and there is no need to burn the furnace in advance when heating the metal workpiece, so as to reduce the waste of energy. It realizes energy saving and environmental protection. Secondly, due to the unique heating mode of intermediate frequency heating furnace, the workpiece heats up rapidly, and the heating temperature is small, the oxide scale and burning rate produced on the metal surface are low, the machining quality of the workpiece is excellent and the quality is good. Finally, because the remote electromechanical intermediate frequency heating furnace can accurately control the heating temperature, it can not only improve the quality of the workpiece, but also ensure the heat treatment effect. The equipment adopts prestressed structure, high strength, long life and convenient maintenance. The inductor is designed according to the shape of the user workpiece, according to the power of the power supply of the user production configuration, to ensure the high production efficiency, pulse heating mode, and effectively eliminate the temperature difference between the center of the heating large diameter workpiece.


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