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Induction heating equipment heat treatment, for you to solve the problem of environmental protection, high yield!

The induction heat treatment equipment is widely used in the heat treatment of various metal steel products. It is a kind of  Metal induction heat treatment furnace with large processing capacity and low energy consumption.

Induction heating equipment manufacturing technology is a combination of foreign advanced technology and domestic mature production technology, which has stable performance and long service life. This metal heating equipment is different from the traditional heat treatment equipment. It adopts mechatronics structure design, the structure is more compact and reasonable, occupies the user site area small, the volume is less than 1 / 3 of the traditional metal heating equipment flame furnace, which is convenient for users to plan and use the site space reasonably. Reliable operation, fault low steel bar heat treatment furnace fuselage is welded with high quality steel, which ensures that the equipment is strong and durable, and the operation is reliable. The components in the electronic control system adopt Siemens, Schneider and other international brands, which can ensure the efficient production of the whole equipment, greatly reduce its failure rate, and save users the production cost of maintenance.

The safety factor high intermediate frequency heating furnace is equipped with perfect system protection device, with over-current, over-voltage, overheating, water shortage, phase shortage and other automatic alarm devices, the overall safety measures are high, the equipment failure is prevented, and the safety factor is very high. The excellent induction heating equipment of the finished product adopts stainless steel roller to transport the work-piece, and the work-piece wear is small and the automatic rotating feeding is adopted to ensure the uniform heating temperature of the metal steel bar, to ensure the quality of the work-piece to meet the requirements of the user, and to process the finished product.

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