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The induction heat treatment equipment is different from the traditional metal heat treatment furnace, and compared with the traditional metal heat treatment furnace, the traditional metal heat treatment furnace generates waste gas, waste smoke and dust and the like in the production process, and can say that the Induction heating furnace is simply a “environment-friendly angel”. the induction heating device is used for carrying out heat treatment processing on the metal work-piece by using electric energy, and the electric energy is in the environment-friendly energy source, and the induction heating device directly generates heat from the inside of the metal steel bar through the induction coil, And the production process does not generate waste gas waste smoke and dust and other substances which are polluted by the environment.

Yuantuo Electromechanical and Electrical equipment is a domestic manufacturer with more than 10 years of induction heating equipment production history. It actively introduces and absorbs foreign advanced technology and combines with domestic mature production technology. The intermediate frequency heating furnace sells well in various provinces and regions in China, and is exported to Russia, Argentina, Serbia and other countries. The induction heating equipment of Yuanyu electromechanical production has the following advantages: high load rate, output guarantee medium frequency heating furnace load rate as high as 99%, induction heating equipment continuous production for 24 hours is not a problem, which can meet the production requirements of users with high output; Intelligent production, reduce labor cost induction heating equipment self-made production line, can independently complete feeding, transportation, heating, blanking and other functions, the process is easier to save attention, to achieve automatic feeding and cutting, no need for manual handling, for users to reduce labor requirements and costs, so induction heating equipment operations not only save money; The intelligent green and more environmentally friendly induction heating equipment adopts PLC control system touch display screen, which has a high degree of intelligence, and can also be produced online with other mechanical equipment to improve the automation and mechanized production capacity of the equipment.

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