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Induction heating equipment display

induction heat treatment machine is mainly aimed at some medium and large customers, this kind of customers generally pay more attention to later maintenance. At that time, it was not that this kind of customer did not lie in the price of induction heating equipment. In order to better serve you, we made a specific analysis of the approximate price of intermediate frequency heating equipment.

What are the styles of induction heating equipment? The induction heating equipment is a non-standard product, which can be divided into a steel bar heat treatment furnace, a steel pipe heat treatment furnace, a steel plate heat treatment furnace, a steel bar heat treatment furnace, a steel billet heating device and the like, The manufacturer can make customized production according to the material, shape and size of the work piece of the user, and meet the technical requirements of the user.

induction heating equipment manufacturers show that induction heating equipment is a hot equipment, mainly because this metal heat treatment furnace has a wide range of applications, high heating efficiency, high performance-price ratio, high intelligence of steel bar quenching furnace, one-button production, convenient use and high efficiency of production. Next, let’s take a look at how much is the next set of metal heat treatment furnaces? In this way, we will have a price range for reference.


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