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Induction heating equipment

Interested users may find that the processing and production lines of many heat treatment enterprises are now replaced by Induction heating equipment, which adopts electromagnetic heating principle to realize environmental protection processing. The overall structure adopts integrated design, which is simple and convenient for installation, debugging, maintenance and repair. Users who have not changed the equipment want to know how much money it will cost to buy such a convenient medium frequency heating equipment? Now let’s take a look at it.

induction heating furnace for forging

Induction heating furnace, which is a metal heat treatment furnace heated by electromagnetic principle, distributes the alternating current evenly in the metal workpiece in the form of non-contact through the induction coil, and then the heat generated by eddy current reaches the required temperature for heat treatment. The heat of the heating method is directly generated from the inside of the metal workpiece, with less heat loss and higher thermal efficiency of more than 95%.

For the users who have not known about the MF heating furnace, it may not be clear. This is a non-standard product. It is customized according to the material, shape, size, process requirements and production efficiency of the metal workpiece. Therefore, if you have higher requirements on the output, you’d better contact the manufacturer directly to specify your production requirements, and the manufacturer will make a detailed description of your production requirements according to your production It is required to design and manufacture intermediate frequency diathermy furnace to ensure that the equipment can meet your production requirements.

I believe you must want to know how much the market price of Induction heating equipment is, how much money you can buy one and so on. However, because induction heating equipment is a non-standard product, its price is not the same. If you want to know the specific quotation of medium frequency diathermy furnace, it is recommended that you directly call the service hotline of the manufacturer to provide your metal workpiece material, shape, size, process requirements, production efficiency and other information, and customize the induction heating technology scheme for you and make a quotation!


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