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Induction hardening semiaxis,semiaxis hardening machine

Induction hardening semiaxis,semiaxis hardening machine


Forever is an eminent organization engaged in manufacturing and supplying a broad array of semiaxis induction hardening machine, which is used for surface and through hardening semiaxis. Along with the offered semiaxis induction hardening machine, we give hundreds of hardening solutions for drill rod,drill pipe,oil pipe, thick wall tube, steel pipe, shaft according to application.

Key benefits of Forever horizontal induction hardening equipment

Suitable for hardening popular industrial jobs such as Shock Absorber Piston Rods, Pins, Driveshafts, Torsion Bars, Rollers etc.

Process programming from PLC Siemens

Auto-Loader for stacking & automatic loading jobs

Magazine option, where required., for stacking & loading jobs

Scanning speed adjustable from 0 to 60 mm/min.

Rotation speed adjustable from 0 to 60 rpm.

Adjustable home position

Adjustable job total & hardening length

Auto heating & Auto quenching

Cooling equipment in closed circuit for induction power supply and hardening liquid

Stainless steel ‘plate heat exchangers’ and tank

Job moving & inductor fixed

Videos of vertical induction hardening machine 

Videos of horizontal induction hardening machine 

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