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Induction furnace for billet hot rolling

Hebei FOREVER electric square hot rolling induction furnace is mainly used for heating square billet, round billet and continuous casting billet. Especially in the continuous casting and rolling process, the energy consumption of our billet hot rolling equipment is only 15 kW / h. Free of charge to provide users with steel billet induction heating furnace program and quotation!

billet induction heating machine

Features of billet hot rolling equipment: 1. Medium frequency air cooling induction heating power supply: reliable, power saving, high efficiency.

2. Induction billet heater: both ends of the furnace body are sealed with purple copper plate, and the bottom plate is made of high-strength aluminum alloy.

3. Connecting cable of square billet hot rolling induction equipment: connect power cabinet to furnace rack.

4. Capacitor of billet electric heating furnace: closed stainless steel water pipe.

5. Remote control box: Siemens PLC can automatically control billet temperature.

6. When the induction equipment of billet hot rolling works without load, the system will reduce to a small power, when the billet enters the induction heater, the power of induction equipment of billet hot rolling will increase to a large power. It has strong working ability and can greatly reduce power consumption.

7. Infrared pyrometer: non-contact infrared pyrometer can measure billet temperature at the outlet.



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