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Induction billet heater, which is suitable for you?

Induction billet heater, which is suitable for you?

It has been more than 14 years since its establishment, Forever has 80 employees, including 10 technicians. The company mainly produces full sets of induction billet heater and continuous quenching and tempering furnace, the company’s products have been exported to the Middle East, Africa, Russia, Japan, Argentina, Serbia and other countries and regions, and the company has passed the ISO9001 international standard quality management system.

The heating process of steel billet can be divided into four types:

(1) Full length of the billet needs to be heated.
(2) The end of the billet needs to be heated.
(3) Partial billet needs heating, that is, heating a part of billet.
(4) Billet online heating from 700 degrees to 1100 degrees.

According to the size of billet and different heating requirements, induction heating furnace is used to heat the rolled billet. Please look at the following details:

1. Circular induction billet heater . That is to say, there is only one position in induction heating furnace. After reaching the required heating temperature, stop the power supply, then remove the hot billet and heat the other one.

2.Sequential induction billet heater refers to the simultaneous placement of multiple billets in induction furnace. During induction heating, the blanks are transported from one end to the other at the end of a certain time, that is, the hot billet will be discharged out from another end.

3.Continuous induction billet heater, that is, continuous billet induction heating furnace. During operation, the billet will be heated to the required temperature.

The ISO9001 international quality management system has been strictly implemented in Hebei Forever. The advanced and strict quality control system has been implemented from the whole process of design, procurement, manufacturing and transportation. In the end, 100% of the products delivered to the customers.

The company has a professional and high quality product installation team. It provides reliable guarantee for the debugging, installation and maintenance of the product. It has good service consciousness and rapid response ability. It realizes 24/7 service, ensures the reliable operation of the products, and achieves the satisfaction of the users. We are willing to work with our customers to create a better tomorrow!



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