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Induction billet heater for heating square billet, No negative time is not responsible for you

Induction billet heater for heating square billet, No negative time is not responsible for you

Even though the material desires are flowing, even though the reality is rough, even though the heating equipment market has been in a downturn, Forever has never forgotten from the beginning, and has been working hard to research and produce induction billet heater, integrating “efficiency, consumption reduction and environmental protection”. In line with the needs of users of steel mills, they will not say sorry to the times and become the object of favor for users of steel mills!

“Being healthy and steadfast, the glow is new”, the Chinese nation’s sense of urgency and hard work is the inheritance of Forever. The history of the factory construction in the past 20 years has precipitated the essence of domestic induction heating equipment production technology and brought foreign induction heating experience. The experience of innovative technology of heating equipment, from workmanship to material selection, to equipment testing and transportation, omnipresent exudes the deep production and management of Forever, and has created a hot sale square induction billet heater for the market.

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Demystifying the induction billet heater for you:

Medium frequency current operation, heating is simpler

Heating square billet by the medium frequency current technology achieves the purpose of uniform heating, and the working principle is simple. The intermediate frequency current directly generates heat from the inside of the steel billet through the induction coil of the induction billet heater, rapidly reaches the temperature required for the heating process, and ensures uniform heating of the steel billet from the core to the surface.

High productivity, good operation

The transmission system of the induction billet heater is driven by the inverter with stepless adjustment. The running speed of the square billet is controllable, which can meet different production needs of users. The induction billet heater can control not only the running speed of the workpiece, but also the heating length and heating temperature of the steel billet can be adjusted through the PLC control system. The overall operation performance of the equipment is strong and easy to control.

High overall efficiency

The body of the billet induction heating furnace is made of high-quality materials and is heat-treated and welded. It is more durable and has a long service life. The furnace body seal design of the induction billet heater has no dust, low noise and no high temperature around the furnace body to ensure the billet uniform heating. The equipment work site is more environmentally friendly and meets the green heat treatment site standard.

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