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Induction billet heater also has requirement for cooling water

Induction billet heater also has requirement for cooling water

Forever has been established for more than 14 years, specializing in the R & D and production of induction billet heater. The company main products are medium frequency series of induction heating furnace. The company has a professional team of development, design, manufacture and on-site service, serving users at home and abroad. After more than fourteen years of training and improvement and improvement of the products, our products have won the unanimous approval of customers both at home and abroad with stable, reliable, energy saving, environmental protection and good after-sales service.

During the induction billet heater, users will usually ignore the importance of cooling water, they may think clean tap water is OK. But it is not so. Today, we will tell you which you should take care for cooling water during using inductino billet heater.

1. Resistivity: if this value is low, the leakage current in the earth wire and the cooling water in the induction coil, water-cooled cable rubber tube and the anode of the oscillating tube will be large.

2.PH value: from the perspective of corrosion protection, high PH value (weak alkalinity) is beneficial. When the amount of precipitation in PH value >7, CaCO3 isotropic tube increases, the precipitated film has corrosion protection effect; >8 will produce rust; <6 will corrode brass.

3.Full hardness, calcium hardness, magnesium hardness: these values increase, resulting in increased adhesion of the tube wall, thus reducing the heat conductivity of the copper tube; when the temperature of the copper pipe increases, the scaling will accelerate, which will reduce the cross section of the water and reduce the flow of water.

4.Oxygen consumption: this value indicates that microorganism quantity contains. When microorganisms are more, algae grow in the tube, which can easily cause blockage of pipes and damage to instruments. When this value is high, it is necessary to sterilize.

5.Chloride ion: when this value is high, it will cause corrosion and destruction, dissolve the copper pipe and rust the iron pipe. If this value exceeds 50 x 10-6, it is necessary to refine it with deionized device.

According to the information shared by Forever, we should choose the cooling water carefully when using the billet induction heating furnace, and we should have know the indicators for the various indicators of the cooling water, real-time detection and timely replacement.

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