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How to solve the trouble when the induction heating electric furnace is running!

Hebei FOREVER Mechanical and Electrical equipment Manufacturing Co., Ltd specializes in customizing induction heating electric furnace, induction heating equipment, medium frequency diathermy equipment, quenching heat treatment equipment, heat treatment production line and many other induction heating furnace and heat treatment equipment. Product quality is excellent! After sale perfect! Exported to all parts of the country, induction heating furnace is your good help to get rich, welcome to call to inquire! The following remote electromechanical brother for you to solve: induction heating furnace in operation, a solution to the fault.

After the induction heating furnace is in operation, the solution to the sudden failure is as follows:

the induction heating equipment is in normal operation, but the thyristor of the rectifying system is burned during the normal over-current protection operation, and the solution is:

(1) the remote electro-mechanical induction heating furnace is in normal operation. The solution should be this: in order to release the energy of the flat-wave reactor to the power network, the rectifier bridge changes from the rectifier state to the inverter state when dealing with the over-current protection. If α = 150 °, it may cause active inverter to subvert and destroy the SCR of the rectifying system. The switch tripping of the induction heating furnace, accompanied by a huge current short circuit explosion, produces a large current and electromagnetic impact on the transformer, which will damage the transformer when it is serious.

(2) Induction heating furnace, induction heating equipment, The phenomenon of heating and burning of bypass reactor in normal operation of heat treatment equipment: the main causes of heating and burning of bypass reactor in induction heating furnace are as follows: the quality phenomenon of bypass reactor itself; The main cause of the asymmetrical operation of inverter circuit comes from signal circuit.

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