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How to Select Suitable steel billet reheating machine

Induction heating is output intermediate frequency current by induction heating equipment, through induction heating furnace body to produce alternating magnetic field, through the metal workpiece in induction heating furnace body to form electromagnetic induction, so that it can be heated quickly, and the workpiece itself produces heat, which has been for decades. In the mid 2000s, the IGBT module as the core slab heating electric furnace began to appear, compared with the high frequency equipment of the electronic tube and the SCR induction heating equipment, the energy saving is 10%-40%. Once marketed, it has become an ideal heating equipment in the field of small metal heating because of its many advantages, such as energy saving and environmental protection, high processing quality, convenient operation, safe and reliable operation, low maintenance cost and so on.

different frequency of metal heat treatment furnace, produce different heating effect, determine the quality of plate heating; power size, determine the heating speed of the workpiece and overall processing efficiency, according to the user’s heating requirements for the workpiece, it is very important to choose the correct frequency and power.

How to choose the frequency induction heating equipment. depending on the output frequency, different heating processes require different frequencies. Frequency selection errors cannot meet the user’s heating requirements for the workpiece, such as slow heating speed, low working efficiency, uneven heating, temperature cannot meet the requirements, easy to cause damage to the workpiece. The correct selection of frequency, first of all, to understand the slab heating furnace heating process requirements.

How to choose a good product. Good products should have the following points: good stability, good price performance, good adaptability, fast, thoughtful after-sales service. When you choose induction heating equipment, not only should you consider his later comprehensive use cost, including stopping loss, parts replacement, maintenance after the warranty period, upgrade ability and other factors, practice is the standard to test the product. Good induction heating equipment, clean appearance, clearly marked and easy to use.



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