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How to select plate surface treatment furnace? Manufacturer direct guide!

Sheet metal, generally a flat rectangular metal material, is generally used in construction, ships, decoration and other fields. After heat treatment, the comprehensive properties of sheet metal can be significantly improved, so that it has more industrial value. Recently, many users consult the price of Steel slab heat treatment equipment , and how to choose the right model is full of doubts. This editor interviewed the professional manufacturer of induction heating equipment-Hebei Yuantuo Electromechanical, manufacturer and technical personnel, and made a brief introduction to the above problems.

1, there are many kinds of plate surface treatment equipment model, and how to select plate surface treatment furnace, but at present, because of environmental protection construction, the mainstream of heat treatment market is induction heating equipment, induction heating equipment is a kind of heating equipment which adopts electromagnetic induction principle, which can directly heat the plate in the form of non-contact, heat generated from the inside of the plate, and the heating heat loss is even lower. The heating efficiency is as high as 85%.How to choose a suitable plate surface treatment furnace with induction heating equipment? A, look at the parameters: the equipment parameters should be carefully read, see if the selection frequency, whether the power meets their own production needs, whether the output meets their own needs. B, look at the site: because induction heating surface quenching equipment is a non-standard product, the general manufacturers do not have inventory, can ask manufacturers to arrange to their other users to inspect the site.

2. As to how the price of the panel surface treatment furnace is related to the “Surface treatment furnace price with induction heating equipment”, because the production mode, the sales form, the equipment quality and the like of each factory on the market can be different, the offered equipment quotation may have a certain difference, but it can be ensured that, The price of the surface treatment equipment of the high-pressure electro-mechanical plate is still relatively cost-effective, and the quotation is real, open and transparent. Because the enterprise is a fast 20-year-old brand, mature and scientific equipment production line, independent R & D, design and production equipment, and sold directly to the customer without cost waste, no middlemen can make the difference, and the “Customer-based” ‘s pricing policy is strictly adhered to, so in general, The price of the plate surface treatment furnace of the remote-to-large electromechanical is more cost-effective.

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