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How to select high quality induction heating electric furnace?

induction heating electric furnace uses electromagnetic induction heating technology to heat steel rod, steel pipe, billet, plate and other metal workpieces. The induction heating equipment is controlled by PLC, and the program is set through touch screen input. When you use it, you only need to select the sequence number according to the relevant information of the workpiece to start with one button. The remote induction heating equipment has high heating precision, good stability, and the customer feedback effect is very good.

In recent years, there are hundreds of domestic manufacturers of induction heating furnaces with uneven quality, so how can we choose reliable manufacturers when selecting electric furnaces for sheet hot rolling? For 20 years, technical engineers have provided you with advice on the selection of hot rolling equipment for several sheets.

1the interface of inductor circuit, water circuit, control and so on is soft-connected with the related parts. And the use of special drive towing chain. At the end of the inductor, a rectangular observation hole is set up to protect the cooling water, and the cooling water circulation can not be started.

(2) the feeding frame is welded with 6 # and 8 # standard channel steel, and the whole structure is firm.

Second, the selection of thin plate hot-rolled electric furnace electrical components Siemens PLC 10-inch touch screen, other circuit breakers, the initial AC call, relays need to use a well-known brand.

Special attention is paid to: the selection of electrical components is the core reason of the performance difference of induction heating equipment. In order to ensure the high precision, high stability and low failure rate of the hot-rolled electric furnace, the electrical configuration should be in strict accordance with the equipment execution standard.


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