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How to select a stainless steel electric furnace? You need to know the induction heating device

If it is convenient, who will choose to be bulky? Stainless steel electric furnace is a heavy and convenient successful promotion, that is,  induction heating machine  , which is feeding, heating, blanking and control and integration, mainly used in the heat treatment of all kinds of metal steel, with flexible production, high efficiency heating, high production capacity, convenient installation and many other bright spots. At the same time, stainless steel heating equipment is a non-standard custom product, users can be flexibly configured according to their own needs, more widely used, easier to meet the diverse needs of users. As a professional stainless steel electric furnace manufacturer, there are often users to consult the price of the equipment, so how much is the equipment? Here is a brief overview for you.

The price depends on the effective value and the price is generally complementary, the price of induction heating and quenching equipment or its value, as far as the previous investment is concerned, the price of stainless steel heating equipment is certainly slightly more expensive than the price of traditional heating equipment, because whether it is technology, performance, later maintenance, maintenance and service life, it is the induction heating equipment of stainless steel electric furnace that saves the attention of users. Secondly, as mentioned above, this is a non-standard custom product, I think we all know that different users, their production standards are different, so the configuration of the equipment is also different, so the price is different.

Second, even if the configuration is not significant, but the brand of accessories is different, the price will also be different. In addition, the quality of the equipment itself, performance and so on also affect the price. Friends who have known should know that there are many manufacturers of stainless steel heating furnace on the market, but the equipment price of each manufacturer is not the same, why? The main reason is that the quality and performance of the equipment are different, the better the quality, the higher the input cost and the higher the price of the equipment, which should be understood by users. The specific price of stainless steel heating equipment, but also in the determination of specific manufacturers, configuration, model can be clear, want a detailed quotation, users can call Yuantuo electromechanical customer service personnel at any time.

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