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How to save the maintenance cost of induction heating device

The enterprise’s buying equipment is to create more value. Of course, no one wants to buy a device. We always drop the chain when we are in production. The equipment is sick. Our production will be delayed. In order to achieve the strength of the equipment, we only need to maintain our own equipment. Don’t let the “get sick” of the  induction heat treatment equipment create value for our business. Hengyuan provides you a summary of points to prevent your device from getting sick. This is a few tips for the maintenance of the contact between our technology master and the induction heating machine for a long time.

1, through the furnace, often do furnace life records, analysis and use cycle prevention, can also be observed on the instrument, usually DC current is higher than usual, medium voltage transmission is not large, there is abnormal sound, can be prevented;

2, capacitance breakdown, filter and compensation electricity easy to break through, the main reasons are cooling is not good heating, oil leakage, or its own quality is not good, Xinanjiang capacitance quality is poor, used for more than 20 years of capacitors, found or Shangyu stronger; Also can be detected, according to the pressure value simple with megabytes meter measurement, but also with the knock method to check, the sound brittle is less cooling oil, sooner or later will explode, as soon as possible to replace, do not suffer losses, so as not to burst out of the furnace to lose;

3, the design may explode quickly, if the sound is incorrect or unable to establish all to check;

4, thyristor may break through, multimeter can judge, soft breakdown is time-consuming, sometimes the power supply is not large, every time to a certain value to protect or trip, of course, this phenomenon is not necessarily the matter of silicon tube, other parts broken will also cause this phenomenon;

5.the furnace body or power supply cooling bad high temperature will also cause failure, this is a good judgment;

6, water cable, cable head is broken or de-welded is also a fault /, there is no current or can not establish intermediate frequency

7, transformer, voltage transformer, current transformer inter-turn short circuit will also start, running fault;

8, the main control board, long time setting parameters change will also cause abnormal operation, just adjust it;

9, the furnace body wet “fire” or “fire”, prolong the oven time, if not, check the ignition point, exhaust the fault point to reduce insulation and run again; 10 discharge loop problems, may cause the induction heating device can not be started.


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