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How to operate your induction heating equipment safely

With the continuous development of science and technology, induction heat treatment equipment has been applied in all fields due to its convenient operation, high heating efficiency and low energy consumption. The next small group will give you a simple explanation of how the induction heating equipment can operate safely, and I hope it will help us.

long bar hardening and tempering production line

Before the preferred operation of high frequency Induction heat treatment furnace, we must check whether the machine cooling system is normal, ensure that the machine door is closed, the operator should be familiar with the operation method of the machine, the operator should wear insulated gloves when working, when heating the workpiece, remove the burr of the workpiece, avoid arc when heating the workpiece, if the equipment fails, disconnect the power supply immediately, repair the fault, and blindly operate and check under the condition of no power on.

when the high-frequency induction heating equipment is in operation, the internal voltage can reach up to 15KV, so the equipment must be grounded, in order to guarantee the personal safety of the operator, the insulation inside the induction heating device is reasonable, The radio-frequency radiation is generated, and a certain shielding protective measures are taken to prevent the damage caused by the radiation to the human body.

Safety production and accountability, in the process of production, be careful not to operate the machine blindly, so as to guarantee the safety of the self and others, the safety type of the high-frequency induction heating equipment is more and more high, and the product performance is more and more good, The important factors of the rapid development of the formal high-frequency induction heating equipment in the market


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