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How to improve the production efficiency of induction heating equipment.

Hebei FOREVER Mechanical and Electrical equipment Manufacturing Co., Ltd. has been in the leading technical level of the same industry in China, the company’s product positioning is clear, in view of the rapid growth of Induction heat treatment furnace production field, actively adjust its production layout. Through strengthening the intelligence of products, constantly improve their own production efficiency.

The intermediate frequency induction heating equipment developed and produced by remote electromechanical is based on IGBT, the power circuit is characterized by series oscillation, and the control circuit is characterized by frequency automatic tracking and multi-closed loop control. Induction heating equipment is highly integrated and modular. High efficiency, stable performance, safety and reliability.

Most of the induction heating equipment is used in the heat treatment of industrial metal workpieces, which is a metal heat treatment method which makes the workpiece produce a certain induction current, heat the workpiece quickly, and then quench the workpiece quickly. Induction heating equipment quenches the workpiece, that is, induction heating to quench the surface.

The following techniques can be used to improve the quenching efficiency of intermediate frequency heating equipment: 1. When the induction heating equipment is quenched, adding salt to the water can double the cooling rate. The cooling rate of brine quenching is fast, and there is no phenomenon of quenching cracking and uneven quenching, so it can be said to be the most ideal coolant for quenching. The proportion of salt added should be 10% by weight. 2. The quenching solution of heat treatment quenching furnace is best to select quenching liquid with impurities in water quality, because impurities in water are more suitable than pure water. Adding solid particles to water is helpful to wash the surface of workpiece and destroy the effect of vapor film. The increase of cooling rate can prevent the occurrence of quenching spots. Therefore, it is very important to use mixed water quenching technology instead of pure water.

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