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How to find out the manufacturer of induction heating furnace

Now people’s living standard is getting higher and higher, enterprises pay more and more attention to the quality of medium frequency induction heating equipment. As heavy industry enterprises, they are more and more concerned in the economic downturn. It’s said that there are three goods to be compared. Even if there are three goods to be compared, we still can’t buy suitable induction heating equipment and forging heating furnace.

long bar hardening and tempering production line
How to find a suitable manufacturer of induction heating equipment?

In the case of a sluggish environment, some manufacturers want to reduce costs to maintain the survival of the enterprise, so they use low-cost fake accessories to maintain their survival. Therefore, when you are consulting with his family about why the intermediate frequency induction heating equipment and induction heat treatment are not available, the price will not be raised too high, and you cannot guarantee the normal operation of your production line.

There are also some manufacturers’ production lines and their simplifications. There is only one coil and discharge rack to form a production line. Such production lines are too dangerous. Even if the manufacturers want to sell them to you, you dare not ask for them.



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Post time: 04-01-2020