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How to choose the heating equipment of steel pipe?

Speaking of steel tube induction heating furnace, do you think of the traditional coal-burning furnace in the first place? If so, follow the small editor to learn about the electric heating furnace of the steel pipe of our far-end electromechanical manufacturer.

pipe induction heating furnace

The electric heating furnace of steel pipe takes electric energy as the production power, which has the following advantages compared with the traditional coal burning furnace:

1, environmental protection: there is no carbon dioxide, sulfur and dust in the production process of electric heating furnace of steel pipe. There is no pollution to the air and production workshops, and there is no need to worry about haze weather being called off;

2. Energy saving: the new energy saving IGBT power supply is adopted in the steel pipe electric heating furnace of our remote electromechanical manufacturer, which saves the production cost compared with the traditional coal burning furnace;

3, the degree of automation is high, and the labor intensity of the workshop workers is saved.

At the time of Yuantuo Mechanical and Electrical Workshop, a manufacturer specializing in the production of steel pipe electric heating equipment (induction heating equipment), our main advantages compared with other manufacturers in the industry are reflected in: 304 non-magnetic stainless steel is used in the roller table between the furnace bodies. Other parts of the roller table are made of No. 45 steel. The technical content of the whole production line is in the induction heating power supply. The IGBT induction heating power supply is controlled by the full touch screen, which is completely digital and positive, and has perfect process record and strict grade authority. Based on the design of IGBT full-control device, it has the most perfect protection function and intelligent maintenance-free in the largest range.

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