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How to choose induction furnace correctly

Induction furnace is a new type of equipment for heating metal materials. It is mainly used in metal hot working, heat treatment, welding and other processes. Now many customers only see the appearance and price of the products, but they don’t see the quality and function of the products when they buy the medium frequency induction heating furnace. Therefore, it is very difficult to buy a good Induction heating equipment. How can metal heating treatment manufacturers buy a good induction furnace? For many years, industry engineers have come to give you advice.

induction heating furnace for forging

1. To have a preliminary understanding of medium frequency induction heating equipment and manufacturers. Before purchasing intermediate frequency electric heating furnace, metal heating treatment manufacturers need to understand the equipment, such as the structure and performance of the equipment, the working principle of the equipment, and the material of the equipment. At the same time, in the face of different prices of induction heating equipment in the market, users also need to understand the market situation of induction heating furnace and understand the reasons for the difference in equipment prices, so as to purchase reasonable induction heating equipment prices. In addition, users also need to know the manufacturers of metal heat treatment equipment in the market and judge the conditions of better manufacturers to prevent the selection of fake and inferior products.

2. Users should be aware of their own needs. To understand their own needs in detail, such as understanding the material of the workpiece, processing quality requirements, and then select the appropriate professional medium frequency induction heating equipment for their own production needs.

3. According to their own production needs to choose the appropriate medium frequency electric heating furnace. Customers should understand when choosing medium frequency heating equipment. Of course, induction furnace manufacturers also support customized production, which can be customized according to the material, shape, size, process requirements and production efficiency of the user, so as to meet the production process requirements of users.

The above is a simple analysis of how to purchase Induction heating furnace. If you still don’t know how to select Induction heating equipment, you can also tell the actual production situation and requirements to the induction heating power supply manufacturer. We will design a high efficiency and low cost heat treatment for you with professional knowledge and rich experience Production process.


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