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How to choose excellent hardening and tempering furnace?

How to choose excellent hardening and tempering furnace?

In recent years, induction heating equipment has come into being with the implementation of national energy conservation and emission reduction. For most non-professional people, “hardening and tempering furnace”is a strange term, maybe you are lack of understanding of the field. Therefore, you will have doubts about the bhardening and tempering furnace. Induction hardening and tempering furnace not only the machine to heat the workpiece, but also process. We can choose from many aspects, for example, quality, after-sales service and so on, we can choose the hardening and tempering furnace manufacturers by the following ways:

1.The size and material of the heated workpiece

If it is large diameter, rod and solid material, you should choose the machine with high power and low frequency. If it’s small diameter, pipe, plate, gear, you can choose the machine with low power and high frequency.Higher power should be choosed if the metal melting pint is high. Otherwise, you should choose smaller power machine.

2.Heating effect and heating efficiency

The medium frequency hardening and tempering furnace can give uniform heating to the workpiece, the temperature control precision is high, the temperature difference from the core to the surface is small, and the international advanced infrared thermometer is used to control the temperature, and the product repeatability is guaranteed. The self-developped IGBT energy saving power source with advanced import components is quickly heated and uniform, the surface of the workpiece has no cracks, no over burning, the surface oxidation layer and decarburization are less, the whole process PLC control system is controlled, and the manpower is saved.

3. Choose a manufacturer with a strong qualification

The user should visit the real factory to check their technical power, workshop and after-sales service team before making the decision to purchase the equipment. Because the hardening and tempering furnace adopts induction heating principle to heat the workpiece, which will not lose the energy and the heating efficiency can be up to 95%.



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